About Us

Richard Saltoun is a London-based gallery specializing in post-war art with a particular emphasis on conceptual, feminist and performance artists that emerged during the 1970s. The gallery has been at the forefront of reintroducing and promoting the work of exceptional artists from the period such as Helen Chadwick, Bob Law, John Hilliard and Jo Spence. These and other important artists from the period feature in the gallery's exhibition programme.

Until relatively recently, many of these innovative and experimental artists were largely ignored by collectors and museums. Richard Saltoun has worked with and exhibited leading Feminist artists including Renate Bertlmann, Helen Chadwick, Rose English, Alexis Hunter, Friedl Kubelka, Gina Pane, Carolee Schneemann, and Jo Spence, all of whom used their art to express and reflect the social turbulence of the times.

Through exhibiting the work of the these artists and many others, Richard Saltoun gallery has provided a unique and often unexpected perspective on contemporary art history. In conjunction with Ridinghouse, they have produced and published a number of monographs on leading British artists.

Richard Saltoun represents the estates of Helen Chadwick, Henri Chopin, David Hall, Nigel Henderson, Ed Herring, Alexis Hunter, Bob Law, Tony Morgan, Jo Spence and Shelagh Wakely.