Frieze New York Viewing Room

8 - 15 May 2020

For its presentation at Frieze New York 2020, Richard Saltoun Gallery presents a stand dedicated to textile art, marking the passing of the 50th anniversary of the seminal 1969 MoMA exhibition Wall Hangings, curated by Mildred Constantine and Jack Leonor Larsen. 


Bringing together some of the most respected and historically important textile artists of the last 100 years, whilst offering an insight into the work of under-recognized artists who have hugely contributed to its development, the presentation will shine light on the remarkable developments within a practice historically considered feminine par excellence.


Octogenarian artists Olga DE AMARAL (b.1932, Bogotá, Colombia) and Jagoda BUIĆ (b. 1930, Split, Croatia), were specially selected for inclusion in Wall Hangings, and are internationally celebrated for their monumental textile installations, fiber sculptures and tapestries. Key figures in the re-evaluation of female artists who have pioneered textile art, they each elevated it from the domestic setting of craftwork into the field of visual art. Inspired by the native folk art traditions of their respective homes, they created unusual and innovative forms reflecting the landscape and geography of their native lands. 


Alongside these two artists, the stand will feature important works by British artists Shelagh WAKELY (b. 1932, Madingley –2011, London, UK) and Peter COLLINGWOOD (b. 1922, London– 2008, Nayland, UK). Their experimentations with weaving and textiles will display a very different approach: Wakely created delicate yet powerful gilded and cut fabric works, whilst Collingwood’s mastery of weaving brought influential technical and aesthetic innovations into the field. Described by his teacher, Ethel Mairet, as “the dullest man I have ever met”, Collingwood's work is suffused with a delicacy and intricacy of making which belies his teacher’s cruel descriptive. Placed next to the seductive shimmering gilded works by Wakely, this duo give evidence to a British movement defined by experimentation and innovation.


The presentation will also feature rarely seen tapestries by Gustavo PERÉZ MONZÓN (b. 1956, Cuba), Bice LAZZARI (b. 1980, Venice– 1981, Rome, Italy) and ULAY (b. 1943, Solingen, Germany - 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia), representing a unique occasion to appreciate a less known yet challenging aspect of their practice. In the case of Ulay, who passed away this past March (2020), this will be the first time his textile work will be shown and made available since his untimely death.