ARCO Madrid

Feria de Madrid - Hall 7 (Stand 7D01), 24 - 28 February 2016

Richard Saltoun Gallery presents the work of two leading feminist artists: Renate Bertlmann and Jo Spence, both active during the 70s and 80s. Their unique standpoint rearticulated narratives surrounding the body, sexuality, love and loss, by re-positioning the role and perception of the 'female artist'. Their artistic output - personal, socio-political, and psychoanalytical -  was groundbreaking and contributed to larger discussions on gender and the representation of female bodies. They reinvented traditional techniques of portraiture through their use of staged photography, using their bodies to convey both the personal and the political.


Renate Bertlmann (b. 1943, Vienna, Austria)

Renate Bertlmann focuses on representations of sex, love, and relationships, with her body often serving as the artistic medium. She transforms herself according to stereotypes of femininity and masculinity: the pregnant woman, the model, the masturbating man - making visible identity constructs. She was included in the radical feminist exhibition MAGNA. Feminismus (1975), curated by VALIE EXPORT.

She has been included in: Rebelle: Art & Feminism, MMKA, Arnhem (2009), Woman. The Feminist Avant-garde of the 70s, GNAM, Rome (2010), Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes, Madrid (2013) and Bozar, Brussels (2014), Aktionistinnen, Kunsthalle, Krems (2014), and Feministische Avantgarde, Kunsthalle, Hamburg (2015).


Jo Spence (b. 1934, London - d. 1992 London, UK)

Jo Spence's photography deals with issues of class, power and gender, death and dying. Out of her collaborations emerged the Hackney Flashers, a collective of female documentary photographers. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1982, she used her camera as a therapeutic tool. Her raw autobiographical reckoning and refusal to conceal weakness continues to be influential.

Selected exhibitions include: Beyond the Perfect Image, Macba, Barcelona (2005), Documenta 12, Kassel(2007), Not Yet, Reina Sofia, Madrid (2015) and Tate Britain, London (2015-2016).


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