Zona Maco : Jo SPENCE

6 - 10 February 2019

For its first presentation at ZONA MACO, Richard Saltoun Gallery will present Jo SPENCE's key series 'The Final Project' (1991-1992).  

Stand ZMS9


“The Final Project was one of the two major collaborative pieces of work that Jo Spence was involved with during her last heroic struggle to overcome leukaemia…


The therapeutic intention of this work was to ‘get to know death’ so as to reduce the fear of the subject, but she realised that the methods that she had started to evolve also had important implications for photography.


Unfortunately, she did not live to explore these new paths: that is left for those who follow her.”

– Terry Dennett, Jo Spence Memorial Archive, August 1994 


Stand: ZMS9


Visitor Information: 

Wednesday 6 February (invite only) 

Thursday 7 February 

Friday 8 February 

Saturday 9 February 

Sunday 10 February 


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