Independent Brussels 2018

8 - 11 November 2018

The gallery's first presentation at Independent Brussels is dedicated to the work of British artist John HILLIARD (b. 1945). A pioneer of Conceptual art in Britain, Hilliard broke new ground in photography by challenging its potential as a representational device and its status within the visual arts. The exhibit consists of key pieces from the 1970s and incorporates a number of works featured in the critically acclaimed exhibition 'Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art' at Tate Modern in London.


Private days:

Thursday 8 November: 3-10pm


Public days:

Friday 9 November: 12-9 pm

Sarurday 10 and Sunday 11 November: 12-7 pm


Vanderborght Building
50 rue de l’Ecuyer
1000 Brussels

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