Laima: Home: 6:30pm

February 7, 2020

'Home' charts Laima’s love for her family, her frustration with domestic routine, and the journey she took to balance the two sides of her life: the performer and the mother. In many ways the story of 'Home' is a universal one, touching on the balance that shifts between a couple after having children, and society’s historic failure to value women’s domestic labour. 'Home' is a double vinyl LP which came out on DEEWEE in November last year, as well as a live performance. In the performance, Laima appears as a shamanic figure, set among domestic objects from which she magically draws sound with audience and performer sharing the same space. It’s a ritualistic performance that balances high tech sound with elements of the natural world. Manipulating the magical objects, Laima builds up sound layer by layer, in songs that talk honestly about anxiety, power, pregnancy, life, and death. As the intensity of the music builds, so too does the sense of shared experience.


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