Chibundu Onuzo 'Sankofa'

Book Launch | 14 April 6:30pm

We're delighted to announce a book launch of Chibundu Onuzo's new publication 'Sankofa' to take place at our London gallery on the evening of 14 April 2022, coinciding with our Everlyn Nicodemus solo exhibition. 


The evening will include an in conversation with Chibundu Onuzo and Joseph Harker of the Guardian, a book reading and a performance of 'Good Soil', the single for Sankofa. West End Lane Books will be there to sell copies of the new publication. 


Book your free tickets now: HERE.



Anna is wondering who she really is. She has separated from her husband, her daughter is all grown up and her mother – the only parent who raised her – is dead. Searching through her mother’s belongings, she finds the student diary of the West African father she never knew, chronicling his involvement in 1970s London politics. She then discovers that he eventually became the president, some would say the dictator of a small nation in West Africa – and that 

March 30, 2022