Silvia Giambrone

Fine Arts Film Festival | Venice, CA

Silvia Giambrone's performance Traum (2021), will be screened at the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art as part of the annual Fine Arts Film Festival.


The word "traum" means dream in German, but in Italian and English it sounds like the word trauma. TRAUM reminds us of the dream-like reality that trauma can instigate.


In the artist’s own words, “Traum addresses domestic violence from the perspective of a survivor who goes in and out of the trauma when telling of their condition. Sometimes survivors (both children and adults) act like onlookers because violence (trauma) gave them a detached perspective in order to survive. Sometimes, they find themselves immersed in it with no exit strategy.”


As a piece of performance art, Traum aims to articulate the often painfully inexpressible and isolating aspects of trauma. This powerful film offers a space where audience members become collective witnesses to a shared experience of catharsis, with an opportunity to share and heal collectively.


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June 1, 2022