Art Basel OVR: PORTALS: Violet Costello & Holly Stevenson

16 - 19 June 2021 

During the international outbreak of COVID-19, schools, day
care centres and access to childcare support shut down. Many
female artists were forced to abandon their practice entirely
to support and care for their children at home. The age-old
question of “artist or mother?” never held greater resonance.
One of the only arts organisations dedicated to supporting
contemporary artists who are mothers, Procreate Project
(PCP) doubled down and continued their efforts in one of the
art industry’s greatest time of need. Richard Saltoun Gallery’s
presentation for Art Basel’s Online Viewing Room is an
extension of its collaboration with PCP through the Mother Art
Prize, an annual open call and exhibition for artists with caring


We are presenting two PCP artists for Art Basel’s ‘OVR: Portals’:
Violet COSTELLO and Holly STEVENSON. Two artists
who came to our attention solely through the events of the last
year and through our collaborative conversations with PCP, we
will present their work for sale at Art Basel, with 15% of net
profits donated to the organization to support their work.