Asia Now : Booth S15

20 - 23 October 2022 
At the 8th edition of ASIA NOW, Richard Saltoun Gallery presents a stand focusing on the leading feminist artists BRACHA and Rosa LEE, with additional works from the pioneering conceptual artists Li YUAN-CHIA and Richard LIN.
A prominent visual artist, feminist theorist and creator of 'matrixial theory’, BRACHA’s art addresses themes of loss, motherhood and trauma within the context of the atrocities of war. The iconography of her paintings - ambiguous spaces in hues of violets, blues and reds - stems from historical archives and the history of her family during the Holocaust. BRACHA’s work has recently been the subject of a solo exhibition at Radicants, curated by Noam Segal.
An Hong-Kong émigré, Rosa Lee pioneered a new type of decorative abstraction in the UK that subverted the abstract painting convention. Inspired by the Pattern & Decoration movement, Lee used decorative elements such as patterning to dismantle the hierarchy of fine art over craft, raising questions about the validity of painting and creating a space for women within it. Lee's painting feature heavily layered skeins of paint and wax to create ridge-like wavy forms  that come alive creating optical illusions.
Li Yuan-Chia is one of the founders of Chinese conceptual art and a key figure in the Europe avant-garde movements. Fusing Eastern philosophies with Western forms, his oeuvre - which encompasses painting, photography, sculpture and, environmental and participatory installations - embraces the everyday while offering a glimpse into the universal.