Miart : Booth B80

14 - 16 April 2023 

At Miart 2023, Richard Saltoun Gallery will present seminal works by a range historic and contemporary artists. 


Included are works by Eleanor Antinone of the most influential feminist and conceptual artists working today; Romany Eveleigh, whose work stands out for her sign-based vocabulary rooted in a minimalist aesthetic by borrowing techniques and materials from the world of writing and printing; Helen Chadwick, who is considered one of the founding figures of British contemporary art despite her short life; and Gina Panedefining figure of the international Body Art movement with her 'actions' - a series of highly choreographed events in which the artist subjected herself to intense physical and mental trials.


The stand will feature additional works by Francis Picabia, Sandro Chia and Toyen.