Rose ENGLISH (b. 1950)

A uniquely interdisciplinary artist, Rose English emerged from the Conceptual art, dance and feminist scenes of 1970s Britain to become one of the most influential performance artists working today. She has been writing, directing and performing her work for over thirty-five years in venues as various as Tate Britain; Royal Court; Queen Elizabeth Hall; the Adelaide Festival and Lincoln Center, New York. English’s productions feature a diversity of co-performers including musicians, dancers, circus performers, magicians and horses; combining elements of theatre, circus, opera and poetry to explore themes of gender politics, the identity of the performer and the metaphysics of presence.


Her shows range from her site-specific collaborations of the 1970’s including QuadrilleBerlin and Mounting, her acclaimed solos of the 1980’s such as Plato’s Chair and The Beloved to her large-scale spectaculars of the 1990’s including Walks on Water, The Double Wedding and Tantamount Esperance


Widely respected for her contribution to performance art; English is one of a few women artists who have consistently worked with performance from her early works in 1970's right up to the present day.


Important solo exhibitions include Camden Arts Centre, London (2015-2016), and The Kunsthalle Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2014).


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