Edgardo Antonio VIGO (1928 - 1997)

Argentinian artist Edgardo Antonio Vigo (b. 1928 – d. 1997) was born (and died) in the small city of La Plata, a few kilometres away from Buenos Aries. Despite never leaving La Plata, he is recognised internationally as the founder of mail art in Argentina. Touching on the fields of performance, sculpture, mail art, and land art, he was at the epicentre of a truly international network of artists and poets. Vigo’s commitment to radical forms of poetry manifested itself in the periodicals Diagonal Cero and Revista Hexa’gono, of which he was editor, and became an important vehicle for social and political critique in Argentina. 


Vigo's son, Abel Luis, was "disappeared" under the military junta in 1976 and from that point on his work became more explicitly political. Using humour and irony as the means to recount the everyday life of “the South American ghetto”, and the international mail network as his form of communication, Vigo quietly revolutionised the way in which artists spread their work and message in Latin America.