Wilma Woolf British

Wilma Woolf is a visual artist whose work is grounded in information, data and testimonials that pertain to equalities and human rights issues. Utilising a fifteen year career as a policy professional in similar fields, her core artistic goal is to find ways to represent data in visually and conceptually compelling ways. She has significant experience in interpreting and extrapolating data into more accessible forms. Her work aims to illuminate difficult and complicated issues, enhancing their visibility through a manifestation in physical form.


Integral to the meaning of her work is the making process. It is often memorialistic in nature and within the making process she finds quiet ways to pay tribute to people whose lives have been affected by the research and data she is representing. Woolf’s work is often repetitive, organised and incorporative of grid-like structures. It is multi-disciplinary in its approach, incorporating installations, sculpture and 2D work, through diverse materials such as concrete, photography, glass, silicone, light and ceramics.