Romina De Novellis: In Conversation | London

7 June 2022 
The event starts at 6.30 pm
To mark the opening of her first solo exhibition at the gallery, performance artist Romina De Novellis will be in conversation with the exhibition curator, Paola Ugolini.
Born in Naples and currently based in Paris, De Novellis graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London and worked as a choreographer until a disastrous moped accident forced her to quit. Her artistic practice centres around her body, its language and expressions, as well as its limitations and disabilities. Often installed in urban environments and subject to the gaze of passers-by, the artist’s body becomes a tool to denounce women’s issues in the Mediterranean areas and especially the precarious human conditions that exist on the margins of society (related to employment, wide social networks, and family). Repetition and duration are also key in De Novellis’ performances, which aim to create a sense of alienation that reduces the passing of time to an unending moment.
Tales From the South presents 3 performances by De Novellis as an immersive environment with all–over sound, photographs and videos alongside light and tactile elements. The title of the exhibition is inspired by the folkloristic chants of south Italian female farmers that will fill the gallery as part of De Novellis’ performance Veglia, which the artist will perform daily for the duration of the exhibition. In Veglia, De Novellis sits naked in a small space limited by a screen of red wool threads, which she undoes with repetitive gestures, slowly revealing herself and her body to the public.
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