Penny Slinger: The Surreal Erotic

8 November 2023 

In-conversation & collage workshop

The event starts at 6pm.


Juxtaposing images, ideas and symbols in shocking combinations, Penny Slinger's collages emerged in reaction against the shortchanging of women's sexual experiences. Setting the scene for the collage workshop, Slinger will be joined in conversation with Rachel Ashenden as they explore the revolutionary potential of Surreal Eroticism. 

You are invited to participate in a collage workshop with the theme of Surreal Eroticism. How do we express the erotic sentiment in ways that show the inner landscape of sensuality? Rather than being defined and limited by the obvious body parts that participate in the erotic arena, this workshop seeks to plunge beyond the flesh and find surreal imagery that evokes the realm of ecstasy and finds a new language that challenges the status quo and delves into the subconscious to look at what happens inside as much as what is seen on the surface.
Leading up to the workshop we ask participants to meditate on this theme and collect images that could reflect their inner eroticism. Bring the images along to transform them into a collage. We seek to express the hidden secret world within. How do we describe this rich and fertile zone with unexpected association of images? Let's explore together.


Signed copies of Slinger's famous book, 50% The Visible Woman, will be available to purchase at the event. 



£10 Adult

£5 Concessions

Purchase through ARTSVP

This event has a limited capacity of 40 people.




About Penny Slinger


The provocative practice of London-born, LA-based artist Penny SLINGER (b. 1947) spans photography, collage, film and sculpture. Active from the late 1960s, Slinger emerged into a maelstrom of political protest, social change and sexual freedom. She graduated from the Chelsea School of Art in 1969 having developed a visual language she described as 'feminist surrealism', influenced by her study of European Surrealism, her friendship with Roland Penrose and association with Max Ernst. Slinger quickly began exploring and investigating the notion of the feminine subconscious and psyche, using her own body to examine the relationship between sexuality, mysticism and femininity.


About Rachel Ashenden


Rachel Ashenden is a Scotland-based writer and researcher specialising in the feminist avant-garde. She is also on Craft Scotland's Emerging Curator scheme in which she is developing her skills to enable a successful creative and business practice, as well as working towards her first exhibition. She is the co-founder of The Debutante, a magazine which amplifies in the lives and legacies of women surrealists in contemporary visual culture. Rachel and Penny first met through The Debutante in 2019.