FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER: Drawings from the 1960s

3 - 28 September 2012

Richard Saltoun and Karsten Schubert are pleased to announce this exhibition of Franz Erhard WALTHER's drawings from the 1960s.


Walther, a contemporary of artists like Blinky Palermo and Gerhard Richter, has remained relatively unknown outside continental Europe. A solo exhibtion of his work at the Drawing Room, his first show in the UK, reinvorated interest in the artist and his groundbreaking experiments with form, medium and process.


This exhibition is a unique opportunity to view his seminal works from the 1960s, in which he saw uninhibited action as integral to his artistic practice and process. All of the exhibited works are on paper, specifically industrial paper manufactured for everyday use, a medium which he saw as being process-orientated as it is intended to be used for everything but drawing or painting.