THE VISUAL REVOLUTION: Russian Avant-Garde Photography: Alexander Rodchenko & VKhUTEMAS Workshop

9 July - 29 August 2014

THE VISUAL REVOLUTION: Russian Avant-Garde Photography, featuring work by Alexander RODCHENKO and VKhUTEMAS Workshop, coincides with the 2014 UK-Russia year of culture. The exhibition presents a special selection of work by these leading practitioners of Russian avant-garde photography. 



This comprehensive exhibition is drawn from a single renowned collection, which comprises more than 1,500 vintage photographs. The collection was built in the early part of the 21st century and includes photographs from the Constructivist period (1920s), the Socialist-Realist period (1930s) and World War II photography. There are over 100 photographers represented, with a significant number by Max Alpert, Simon Fridland, Naum S Granovski, Yevgeni Khaldei, Gustav Klutsis, Alexander Rodchenko, Akady Shishkin, Varvara Stepanova and Georgi Zelma.