13 February - 20 March 2015

"We're all against war. But what are we for? Peace, we say. What is peace? Nobody quite knows." – Robert Filliou


Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of THE LAST ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE, which took place in Hamburg, Germany in 1985, this exhibition at Richard Saltoun Gallery gathers artists together to represent its spirit and understand its context. The show has been curated by Roddy Hunter. 


Organised around Robert FILLIOU's key work – 7 Childlike Uses of Warlike Material (1970) –the exhibition also includes works by Joseph BEUYS, Henning  CHRISTIANSEN , Barry FLANAGAN, Sol LEWITT, Tony MORGAN, Wolf VOSTELL, and Franz Erhard WALTHER. Important works include Sol LeWitt's Proposal for Walldrawing (1985) that invites visitors to draw on the walls of the gallery and was featured in the 1985 exhibition.