20 August - 2 October 2015

At all times, my acts and my actions in life have stemmed from love

or eroticism, as you like it

(Pierre Molinier,The Shaman and its Creatures)


Richard Saltoun Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of the career and unorthodox life of French Surrealist artist Pierre MOLINIER (b. 1900, Agen - 1976, Bordeaux).


Pierre Moliner – the man and the painter, the genius and the pervert, the 'lesbienne' and the guns lover – is not an easy figure to pin down. Existing on the margins of conventional society, he lived a life defined by excess and hedonism. At the age of 50, he raised his 'premature tomb', reading on its cross: 'Here lies Pierre Molinier - born on 13 April 1900 - died around 1950 - He was a man without morals - He didn't give a f*** of glory and honour - Useless to pray for him.'


This exhibition presents a selection of more than 50 of his groundbreaking photographs, drawings and paintings, dating from 1952 onwards. It was at this time that Molinier moved towards a more 'magical' style of art, a style that sought to bring to the surface unconscious desires and erotic drives and subsequently captured the attention of André Bréton, the founder of Surrealism. Breton became an avid supporter of his work and organised Molinier's first exhibition L'Étoile Scellée, in 1956, which established his reputation.