Eliseo MATTIACCI: Roma

3 October - 17 November 2018
Richard Saltoun Gallery announces the first UK solo exhibition of Italian sculptor Eliseo MATTIACCI. The exhibition will present one of the artist’s most important and dramatic sculptures of his career: Roma. Conceived in 1980-81, this momentous installation comprises 58 moulded aluminium volutes, occupying the three rooms of the gallery in dialogue with its Georgian architecture. 

“I had been living in Rome for several years and I was well acquainted with Baroque architecture. In particular, the architecturally expressive element of the volute fascinated me because as I travelled around the city it was everywhere: it was a graphic sign that permeated everything. This is why I considered it a sort of objet trouvé. So, I forged more than fifty aluminium fusion volutes and called them Roma; these were conceived for the exhibition at the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan the following year. I liked the idea that these volutes were not the product of my creativity, but simply objects that I had found hanging, by chance, from the trees in the Isola Tiberina. I could remove them from their context to exhibit them in another place, but I could also decide to leave them in their natural habitat.” - Eliseo Mattiacci