Eleanor ANTIN: 'Time's Arrow' at LACMA

12 May - 7 July 2019

Eleanor Antin has recreated her landmark feminist work CARVING: A Traditional Sculpture (1972), where she photographed herself naked every morning whilst on a hardcore diet. Now, 45 years later, Antin has revisited the work for her exhibition 'Time's Arrow' at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), on view from 12 May until 7 July 2019. The exhibition will travel to the Art Institute of Chicago from 24 August until 5 January. 


Eleanor says of the work: "I consider these conceptual performance works with photography as their medium. Each sculpture records the loss of something like ten pounds from a daily diet intended to lose weight. Every morning I photographed my naked body (front, back and two profiles) until the ideal weight for my body was achieved. Well, nearly anyway. The first CARVING took something like 48 daus; the second one, 45 years later, took about three and a half months."