Part 2: Maternality

10 January - 15 February 2020

The second exhibition exploring themes of maternal experience, ‘Maternality,’ reflects on the etymological root of the word mother and its close relationship with material matter, the very substance from which the universe is created (in Latin mater/materia).


The maternal body itself has been a productive medium for artists to mine for its literal ability to reproduce and replicate and for the folds, internal spaces and fluids it produces. ‘Maternality’ features work that draws on the material and bodily processes of mothering, as well as the way in which the threshold of birth is envisaged as something that has tended to focus on the baby to the denial and neglect of the maternal body.


The exhibition will also feature video work by women artists who question the

technological relationships that look to govern and analyse the body’s cycles of fertility and reproduction, from apps that monitor fertility to the voices of the web that police and influence maternal behaviours. The show also looks at how art concerning maternal themes can disrupt social norms governed by capitalist patriarchal culture by considering work made through the lens of the politics of childcare or migration.


—Catherine McCormack