On Hannah Arendt: 'The Modern Age'

11 January - 26 February 2021

'The Modern Age' is the first in a 12-month programme of exhibitions 'On Hannah Arendt' dedicated to the writings of the German-born, American political philosopher. Drawing from the first chapter of her 1968 publication Between Past and Future, 'The Modern Age' extends Arendt's examination of tradition and the modern age into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries or what she understood as "the modern world."

The inaugural exhibition links together Arendt's understanding of knowledge and thinking with remembrance and storytelling - the kind of thinking present in the work of participating artists Siah ARMAJANIThomas BAYRLEVéronique FILOZOFVivienne KOORLAND and Jo SPENCE, who collectively combine imagination, courage and independence. 


Brazilian sound artist and music producer Laima Leyton also responds to each chapter in Arendt's publication through a new series of sound pieces, collectively titled Infinite past, infinite future and NOW, available to listen here


In partnership with the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College, join us each exhibition for the 'On Hannah Arendt: Virtual Reading Group' as scholars, artists and invited guests discuss key themes in Arendt's writing and link it to art and culture. Register to listen here


A video introduction to 'Tradition and the Modern Age' by Roger Berkowitz, Founder and Director of the Hannah Arendt Center, and an interview with Vivienne Koorland on Hannah Arendt are available to watch here