On Hannah Arendt: What is Authority?

26 April - 6 June 2021

The third exhibition in Richard Saltoun Gallery's year-long series of exhibitions inspired by Hannah Arendt explores the political philosopher's essay 'What is Authority?' from her 1968 publication Between Past and Future, around which all shows in the programme are based. 


The question of authority – who has it and how it is implemented – has never been more widely debated. For this exhibition, three artists, Lili DUJOURIE (b.1941, Belgium), Everlyn NICODEMUS (b. 1954, Tanzania) and Lerato SHADI (b. 1979, South Africa), uniquely address this question and in doing so broaden our understanding of what it means to confront power.


Brazilian sound artist and musician Laima LEYTON also responds to Arendt's essay with a new sound piece commissioned by the gallery, live on our website from 26 April.