On Hannah Arendt: What is Freedom? - Bracha L. Ettinger

14 June - 24 July 2021
The fourth exhibition in Richard Saltoun Gallery's year-long series inspired by the political philosopher Hannah Arendt is a solo presentation by the Israeli artist, feminist theorist, psychanalyst and philosopher Bracha L. ETTINGER.
Through recent paintings that deal with wounds, trauma, healing and compassion, Ettinger puts us in relation to Arendt's question 'What is Freedom?' as set out in the philosopher's 1968 publication Between Past and Future around which all shows in the gallery's programme are based. Bracha responds to the historical, transgenerational and personal trauma of women in times of war, especially during the Holocaust, as well as the feminine spirit in mythlogy. 
To accompany each physical exhibition in the programme, Brazilian sound artist and musician Laima LEYTON has also been commissioned to create a new sound piece in response to each essay by Arendt. Her work 'What is Freedom?' will go live on the gallery's website on 1 June.