Southbank Centre

America is devastated by big oil. Horrific destruction and pollution turns vast tracts of landscape to shit. Wyeth’s Christina’s World needed an update. Big governments and corporations don’t repair what they destroy - they feel unaccountable encouraging the public to ignore organisations campaigning to change things. Oil extraction destroys our water, devastates the soil, pollutes the air, kills the plants, kills the animals and it’s killing us, everywhere" - kennardphillipps


Christina’s World (now on view at the Billboard Space, Southbank Centre Square) is a haunting take on Andrew Wyeth's American landscape painting. Produced by kennardphillipps, a collaboration between Cat Phillipps and Peter Kennard, the work uses the technique of ‘photo-montage’ to layer thousands of real-life images of oil damage together and place them on top of Wyeth's influential painting to create a haunting new vista. 

Cat Phillipps and Peter Kennard make work both individually and in collaboration under the name kennardphillipps. Their work is made for the street, the gallery, the web, newspapers & magazines, and to lead workshops that develop peoples’ skills and help them express their thoughts on what’s happening in the world through visual means.
The work will be on view 5 June - 3 September as a part of Planet Summer on the Billboard Space at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London. 


June 23, 2023