Lili Dujourie

IKOB Belgium

Lili Dujourie is included in the group exhibition, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, which traces a lineage between three Belgium-based artists of different generations: Dujourie, (b. 1941), Sophie Nys (b. 1974), and Angyvir Padilla (b. 1987).


The exhibited works encompass sculpture, installation, photography, film, sound, and performance, and span a timeframe of over fifty years (1969–2023).

By subverting signifiers of the domestic and destabilizing established artistic categories, the exhibition offers a fragmented narrative on temporality, memory, and loss. The artists consider how the body moves through time and space, leaving traces. They use the strategies of conceptual art but challenge its authority through a deep engagement with the physicality of their materials and a surrender to feeling.


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2 May - 27 August 

July 25, 2023