Holly Stevenson

Frieze Sculpture 2023.

Holly Stevenson's latest work The Debate for Frieze Sculpture 2023 is on view at Regent’s Park, London 20 September – 29 October.


The Debate is a ceramic installation consisting of two near-life-sized adult figures and half an oversized boiled egg. Typical of Stevenson’s work, the figures combine both abstract and figurative elements, which, following the glazing process, form anthropomorphic birds reminiscent of ducks. Depending on the direction that viewers approach them, the figures seem to be looking either at a complete egg with the potential for hatching, or one half of a sliced boiled egg.  Either way, the work reads on impact as though two friends are engaged in conversation in the park, discussing this very egg.   


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Continuing the avian theme, Stevenson will be hosting a Frieze vegan-egg picnic for Frieze Sculpture. RSVP Here.





September 22, 2023