Marinella Pirelli

Cantonal museum of fine arts Lausanne

Marinella Pirelli's Fim Ambiente, 1969 will be on display at the Cantonal museum of fine arts Lausanne, for their upcoming exhibition Immersion. The Origins: 1949-69.


In 1968, Marinella Pirelli was working on a three-dimensional installation in which images were to materialize in depth. With Film Ambiente [Film Environment], the artist offered visitors an immersive film experience that went beyond the typical straight-on experience. To do this, she built a grid-like structure which visitors could walk around in. The different modules of the grid were marked off by transparent panels; on these she projected images from her film Nuovo Paradiso, which featured a series of sculptures by the artist Gino Marotta. With Film Ambiente, film is lent an additional temporality that goes beyond filming and editing, thanks to the audience’s own actions. Visitors are both in the screen and screens themselves. They refract the film being projected, extending the classic image-surface relationship, canceling the camera’s sole and unique point of view, and transcending the traditional cinema experience.


The exhibition runs 4 November 2023 - 3 March 2024.

October 26, 2023