Jagoda Buić

Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre presents Unravel: The Power & Politics of Textiles in Art. Using textiles, fibre and thread, 50 international artists challenge power structures and reimagine the world in this major group exhibition.


Textiles cover and protect us, engage our senses, trigger our memories, represent our beliefs, hold our stories. We are wrapped in cloth when we're born and enshrouded in it when we die. As an artistic medium, textiles can speak to the joys and pains of being human, as well as the larger structures and systems that shape our world.


Featured artists include Jagoda Buić.

Co-curated by the Barbican, London and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam where the exhibition will be on show from September 2024.
The exhibition runs 13 February - 26 May 2024. 
January 25, 2024