BRACHA L. Ettinger

Palazzo Bonacossi, Ferrara

BRACHA L. Ettinger will participate in the exhibition Yours in Solidarity at the XX Biennale Donna.


The exhibition brings together installations, sculptures, performances and textile works fruit of participatory experiences of six international artists: Binta Diaw, Amelia Etlinger, BRACHA L. Ettinger, Sara Leghissa, Muna Mussie and Nicoline van Harskamp.


The corpus of works of the artists participating in the XX Biennale Donna will be accompanied by a precious nucleus of historical materials from UDI, including archive documents, publications, banners and photographs, useful for retracing the main stages of the Biennale and reconstructing its evolution.



The exhibition runs 14 April - 30 June 2024


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March 27, 2024