Jo Spence

Pallant House Gallery
Jo Spence's The Final Project [Shrine], 1991-1992 will be on view in The Shape of Things: Still Life in Britain exhibition  from 11 May - 20 October 2024 at the Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.
The Shape of Things questions the idea that still life is a lesser genre, showing how important it is to artists and society. Featuring a ‘Who’s Who’ of Modern and Contemporary British artists, the exhibition digs into still life’s rich symbolism and how it’s pushed boundaries and new ideas.
The exhibition will shift from 17th-century ‘vanitas’ paintings to post-impressionism to abstraction and from pop to conceptual art. It will invite viewers to think about life’s challenges, such as love and grief, identity and the subconscious, life and death and plenty and waste. Today, these challenges also include biodiversity loss, the legacy of colonialism, and climate change.
April 26, 2024