Vivienne Koorland

Harlan Levey Projects

Two works by Vivienne Koorland, PEGASUS (2020)and Small Signpost Painting with Stendhal Script (1995), are featured in the group exhibition A Place for the Affections: Dwelling in Anguish (Torment) and Love, at Harlan Levey Projects from 27 April - 18 June 2022.


The exhibition brings together eight living artists, born in eight countries and four different decades, all grappling with ideas of migration, placemaking, disconnection, individuality, geopolitics, and myth making to explore personal and public conceptions of home.


Developing from a long-running conversation between Harlan Levey and SCAD Museum of Art curator DJ Hellerman, the show reflects on being at home while far from home, of returning home in the knowledge that it’s no longer your home, and the fraught question of whether it is possible to return at all.


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April 22, 2022