Renate Bertlmann and Barbara Levittoux-Świderska

Kestner Gesellschaft

Renate Bertlmann' and Barbara Levittoux-Świderska are featured in that other world, the world of the teapot. tenderness, a model. The exhibition is a manifesto of sorts. It is a portrait of tenderness as a desired, possible modus operandi for the world during times of vulnerability and distrust.


From Alice Neel, Francis Picabia, and Maria Lassnig through Valie Export, Cecilia Edefalk, Sharon Lockhart and Shannon Ebner down to Joana Escoval, Enrico David, Pamela Rosenkranz, and many others, this is a cross-generational poetic landscape of tenderness as a transgressive, polyphonic tool of change and reinvention, a “spontaneous and disinterested” agent of care and concern, a model for the radical ethics in precarious times of reduced immunity and mistrust.


The exhibition runs from 25 June–25 September. 


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May 31, 2022