Silvia Giambrone

Fondazione Nicola Del Roscio
Silvia Giambrone's solo exhibition Some Thing is the first in the series of  Project Room shows, in the spaces at Via Crispi 18.
With the Project Room, the Fondazione Nicola Del Roscio is taking the project in a new direction, with the aim of turning it into an observatory of contemporary Italian art. The artists are invited to intervene through projects of experimentation and research into the most pressing themes of the present day. 
Siliva Giambrone opens this exhibition with a reading of a number of poems and texts, including Emanuel Carnevali's 'Some Things', a series of writings in which the artist has found resonance with her works, which are an expression of the introjection of relationships of power. In this way, the public is invited to participate in the artist's emotional experience. 
The exhibition is on view from 15 September – 7 October. 



September 14, 2022