BRACHA L. Ettinger, Greta Schödl

Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare

Works by BRACHA L. Ettinger and Greta Schödl are included in Re-Materializarion of Language at the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation, Bolzano - the first attempt at a philological reconstruction of the historical exhibition "Materialization of Language" curated in 1978 by Mirella Bentivoglio.


The exhibition Materializzazione del linguaggio (Materialization of Language), curated by artist and poet Mirella Bentivoglio, opened on 20 September 1978 at the Magazzini del Sale, as part of the XXXVIII Venice Biennale. The show moved across word and image to comprise works of 90 international female artists, poets and collectives engaged in researching verbal and visual issues concerned with the “relationship between women and language”. The materialisation aspect lay in the embodiment of uncontaminated forms of communication to express a transgressive identity of radical rejection of patriarchal language, both poetically and critically.


Re-Materialization of Language. 1978-2022 presents a wide selection of the artworks exhibited originally, together with others from the same years and more documentation material, providing a philological reconstruction of an exhibition that has over time become a point of reference for the research of female and feminist artists, but also the contemporary reactivation of its historical instances.


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October 25, 2022