Helen Chadwick: Wreaths to Pleasure

David Notarius, Sophie Raikes, Marina Warner, 2014
Paperback 72 pages
Publisher: Ridinghouse
ISBN: 978 1 909932 01 2
Dimensions: 240 × 220 mm
Helen Chadwick: Wreaths to Pleasure
£ 5.00

British artist Helen Chadwick was known for her innovative photography and installations. Her death in 1996 cut short a brilliant career, but her influence still resonates with the work of the YBAs and other contemporary artists.


Published on the occasion of Helen Chadwick: Bad Blooms at Richard Saltoun Gallery, London (14 October-28 November 2014), this volume re-examines perhaps her most iconic series, Wreaths to Pleasure (1992-93). Consisting of 13 colour photographs of organic matter within household fluids, each is set within its own uniquely coloured steel frame.


Illustrated in full colour, each work is accompanied by historical and posthumous installation images. A survey text by Sophie Raikes describes the inspiration, process, and creation of the Wreaths to Pleasure, alongside a foreword by David Notarius and Marina Warner's funerary speech.


David Notarius was Chadwick's husband and artistic collaborator from 1991 until the artist's death. Sophie Raikes is a curator at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. Marina Warner is a novelist, critic and cultural historian.