Henri Chopin

En Guises d’Autobiographie Forcément Incomplète / A Sort of Autobiography Inevitably Incomplete
Henri Chopin, 2015
Softback Illustrated (plates not paginated). pages
Publisher: LemonMelon, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London
Dimensions: 218 x 171 mm

Born in Paris in 1922, leading experimental sound and performance artist Henri Chopin is perhaps best known for his dactylopoems (typewriter poems). This, his previously unpublished 1992 autobiography, reveals a new dimension to the life of this multi-faceted artist, writer, performer, and father. One of the most influential experimental sound and text artists of the twentieth century, Chopin revolutionised the medium of typewriting as an art form. This publication includes previously unpublished black and white photographs of the artist's life, his performances, publications, and contains a full colour plate section of some of his most pivotal works.