Bertina LOPES

Bertina Lopes
Bertina LOPES: Bertina Lopes
Publisher: Richard Saltoun Gallery
Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm
Pages: 47
£ 10.00

Catalogue published on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition: Bertina Lopes at Richard Saltoun Gallery Rome, 2022


The catalogue is accompanied by a text: 'Bertina Lopes: A lifetime dedicated to art, politics, and Africa' by Mary Angela Schroth.


Bertina Lopes was a Mozambican painter, sculptor, and activist whose work highlighted the social criticism and nationalistic fervor that influenced other Mozambican artists of her time. Born in Maputo, Lopes was the daughter of a Portuguese father and African mother. At an early age she left Mozambique to study in Lisbon where she was inspired by and engaged with the avant-garde painting of Portuguese Modernism as well as contemporary artistic international movements. After returning to Mozambique in 1953, cultural nationalism became a crucial influence both ideologically and artistically. Much of her body of work presents not only African iconography but also political events of the time. After a tumultuous and forced return to Europe, Lopes moved to Rome in 1963 where she remained for the rest of her life: during this period the subjects of African identity took on a new meaning, expressing an end to colonialism and a desire for independence.


Printed in an edition of 500 copies.

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