Romany Eveleigh

Works on Paper + Paintings
Texts by Angela Grauerholz and Cheryl Simon (English/French), 2017
Softback 264 pages
Publisher: Co-published by Twin Press and Galeries Bellemare Lambert
ISBN: 978-0-9802055-1-0
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.

Romany Eveleigh: Works on Paper + Paintings takes a retrospective look at the artist’s creative output, surveying a fifty-year span from the mid-1960s until the present.


The book contains illustrations of key projects and original as well as reprinted essays. Eveleigh’s expansive Manifesto project (1976) begins and ends the publication and is presented here in the form of book pages bound and sequenced according to the order of the original wall installation. A manifestation in the true sense of the word, in its original form the project introduced themes and material concerns that would eventually thread through all of Eveleigh’s artistic pursuits.


Bracketing a lifetime of creation, the Manifesto offers a framework for approaching the artist’s practice as a whole. “Manifesto, declaring what?” the introductory essay, conducts a close reading of the project to find correspondences between Eveleigh’s gesturing and different modalities of written expression, ultimately identifying the material dimensions of language as the artist’s foundational concern. “The tension between surface and drawn mark” and the essays that follow trace this defining interest as it is revealed in the artist’s thinking over time. A final section comprises an illustrated and annotated biography charting Eveleigh’s life through photographs.

Romany Eveleigh: Works on Paper + Paintings
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