Li Yuan-chia

Viewpoint. A Retrospective of Li Yuan-chia
The LYC Foundation, Taipei Fine Art Museum, 2014
Hardback 143/189/119 pages
Publisher: Taipei Fine Art Museum
ISBN: 978-986-04-6148-0
Dimensions: catalogue in 4 parts, each 200 x 200 mm

View-Point: A Retrospective Exhibition of Li Yuan-chia is the first large-scale retrospective exhibition of Li Yuan-chia's work held in Asia. Working in collaboration with London's LYC Foundation, the museum team invested many years in preparing this reassessment of abstract art pioneer Li Yuan-chia and his context. As an early proponent of conceptualism from the Taiwanese abstract art community, he was remarkable for developing a following in the art world on European Continent, but was barely known in Taiwan due to limitations on information from abroad. His creative range included ink, oil and monochromatic painting, photography, and conceptual art, and he even expanded the definition of art by founding and running a museum as part of his practice. Over 190 early ink painting, two and three dimensional installations, documents and sound art, photography, and mixed media works are exhibited, including those from his creative periods in Taiwan, Bologna. London and Cumbria.

Li Yuan-chia: Viewpoint. A Retrospective of Li Yuan-chia
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