Mariella Bettineschi

Hardcover 240 pages
Publisher: Corraini Edizioni
ISBN: ISBN: 978-88-7570-426-1
Dimensions: 20.0 x 25.0 cm

"Can you compile the life of an artist in a book?  No. You can, however, choose your route, planning a journey among their works, allowing similarities and differences to emerge. Mariella Bettineschi created an archipelago that can be reached from different directions and formed from different territories."

These are the opening words of Francesca Pasini, editor of the artist monograph dedicated to the life and works of Mariella Bettineschi.


The book is a journey through the artist's many works, drawing a link between the various seasons of her creation. It also features, however, a suspenseful narrative which transports the reader from one part of this archipelago to another, lending it a biographical climate as well as an emotional dimension.

Drawing, embroidery, carving, painting, photography, installations and image manipulation: from one page to another, each work indicates a time, a place, a study which then turns into another, and so the route appears from page to page.


Languages: Italian and English texts

Mariella Bettineschi: Works
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