Roma Arte In Nuvola: Booth G10

17 - 20 November 2022 

We are pleased to announce participation in the second edition of the modern and contemporary art fair 'Arte in Nuvola'. Our booth will feature works by Eleanor AntinSilvia GiambroneBice Lazzari, Greta SchödlFranca MARANÒEliseo MATTIACCI, Giorgio de CHIRICO, Nedda GUIDI, and Antonietta RAPHAËL MAFAI.


Additionally, in collaboration with Studio Stefania Miscetti we are pleased to present Mirrors, a new installation by Silvia Giambrone (1981, Agrigento, lives and works between Rome and London) in the Special Projects Section.


Through performance, video, sculpture, sound art and installations, Giambrone explores 'body politics' in the contemporary era, with particular attention to both physical and psychological violence in relationships. The artist often plays on contrasts and uses common objects, as in the case of Mirrors, in which the smooth wax surface that replaces the glass of an antique mirror is pierced by acacia thorns. Through these works, the artist intends to evoke the potential violence of the domestic environment often steeped in abuses of power that are often hidden or accepted by society.