Art Brussels: Booth 5C - 40

20 - 23 April 2023 

Richard Saltoun Gallery will present a solo booth dedicated to Belgian artist Ria Verhaeghe (b. 1950), featuring paintings, sculptures and collages.

The highlight of our presentation will be Verhaeghe's notable Verticals series, which was presented at her recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gent in 2017, and previously at the 5th Moscow Biennale in 2013. Drawing on Verhaeghe’s collection of some 60,000 cataloged newspaper photographs and clippings entitled Provisoria, this series of paintings incorporate images of dead or ‘horizontal’ bodies, giving them new life by turning them into radiant, abstracted Verticals. Embedded within Verhaeghe’s uniquely composed matrix of meaning and narrative, the figures thus appear as ethereal forms that dance and float against striking backgrounds layered with gold leaf.