artmonte-carlo: Booth 13

8 - 9 July 2023 

Richard Saltoun Gallery will present a mixed stand with gallery artists Ria VerhaegheGreta Schödl, and Bice Lazzari, as well as additional works by Holly Stevenson, Francis Picabia, Sandro Chia, Giulia Napoleone, Marisa Merz and Méret Oppenheim.


The presentation features works from Verhaeghe's notable Verticals; a series of paintings draws on the artist's collection of some 60,000 newspaper photographs entitled Provisoria. Another highlight is the selection of Giulia Napoleone's multilayered, delicate watercolours from the 1980s and 90s in various hues of azure, which encapsulate the Italian artist's unique approach to abstraction in dialogue with fellow female abstract artist, Bice Lazzari's works. As a playful, vibrant contamporary addition to the booth, British artist Holly Stevenson's luscious glazed ceramics will also be on view.