Thomas De Falco Italian , b. 1982

Italian French artist, Thomas De Falco lives and works in Paris, focusing on textile installation and performance art. He expresses his research and artistic production through the creation of tapestries, inspired by the ancient art of weaving with a vertical frame. There is something magical about the artist’s sewing ability, a sort of ancestral ballad handed down through the years; precisely it is in the materials, such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, hemp or iron, which is transmitted a feeling of purity to touch and sight.


De Falco works manually using the ‘wrapping’ technique, an incessant multiplication of knots in dense tapestries. This technique is based on the use of wool thistles that the artist combines manually. Depending on how it is wrapped, the wool can be distributed in such a way as to vary the thickness and the form of the sculptural wrapping, considering this the most characteristic and personal element of the artist. De Falco’s sculptures are inspired in particular by nature and human feelings and emotions. It is therefore the performance the medium through which the artist gives life to his own sculpture, connecting the ‘wrapping’ to the bodies of the performer that make themselves interpreters of his artistic message.