Malcolm LE GRICE: No Idea

29 May - 10 July 2015

'Malcolm Le Grice is by far the most important film artist working today in England... His work is serious, inspired, and inspiring, original and very beautiful. His work is formal and direct and deals with the basic capabilities of cinema...'

(Jonas Mekas, Village Voice, NY, 27 Sept 1973)


Richard Saltoun Gallery announces an expanded cinema experience by film pioneer Malcolm Le Grice, considered one of the most influential British experimental filmmakers. 


Forty years ago Malcolm Le Grice's seminal film exhibition opened at the legendary Arts Lab Drury Lane and then at the Kölnischer Kunstverein. For the young filmmaker this marked a turning point in his career. Forty years on, a presentation encompassing the last fifty years of his work at Richard Saltoun Gallery marks another: the first solo exhibition of his work in a commercial gallery. Including new and newly worked films and installations, Le Grice has titled the exhibition 'No Idea', intentionally refusing to create an exhibition 'concept'.