On Hannah Arendt: 'The Concept of History' with Peter Kennard

22 February - 3 April 2021

The second exhibition in the gallery's 12-month programme dedicated to Hannah Arendt, 'The Concept of History' features a solo presentation by the British photomontage artist Peter KENNARD


The exhibition, the first physical show with Richard Saltoun Gallery since announcing his representation, highlights Kennard's extraordinary contribution to politically-informed art over the past 50 years. 'The Concept of History' will demonstrate Kennard's engagement with the course of history and key moments over the past five decades through three distinct bodies of work: his little-known STOP paintings from the 1960-70s informed by events such as the Paris student riots, The Prague Spring and Vietnam War protests; his series of Pallets from the 1990s, with traces of human images and figures barely visible on battered wooden pallets; and a new series of works on paper Untilted (2020).