On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibition

1 January - 31 December 2021

"[They] had taken the initiative upon themselves and therefore, without knowing or even noticing it, had begun to create that public space between themselves where freedom could appear." – Hannah Arendt

On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibition looks to one of the most important thinkers of the post-war generation to confront some of the most pressing socio-political issues of our time. 

Launching in January 2021, On Hannah Arendt will be organised around eight exhibitions that seek to explore the questions put forth in the eight chapters of Arendt’s 1968 publication Between Past and Future: Eight Exercises in Political Thought.


The entire programme will feature over 20 international artists, including Siah ARMAJANI, Bracha L. ETTINGER, Lili DUJOURIE, Peter KENNARD, Vivienne KOORLAND, Everlyn NICODEMUS, Marinella SENATORE, Lerato SHADI and more.